“Wetwork is a euphemism for murder or assassination, alluding to spilling blood. The expression “wet work,” as well as the similar “wet job,” “wet affair,” or “wet operation,” are all calques of the euphemism used by the KGB for such activities, mokroye delo (wet dealings). These operations are reputed to have been handled at the KGB by Spetsbureau 13, colorfully known as the “Department of wet affairs” (Otdel mokrykh del).

The Russian expression “wet job” (мокрое дело) can be traced to at least the 19th century from Russian criminal slang (fenya, muzyka) and originally meant robbery that involved murder, i.e., spilling blood.”

The semi-documentary film Nasse Sachen (Wetwork) is about an unemployed single mother educating herself to be a professional killer, and was shot in Berlin in 2006.

In 2012, the performance group studio 206 took the film as a starting point for a storytelling experiment. Their method proposes a writers’ room 4.0; all episodes are developed in a real time live stream, based on character development and the concept of dramatic story structure, yet all episodes are improvised with the audience online and in collaboration with all actors, musicians, technicians, and the director during the live stream.

This film is about an unemployed single mother educating herself to be a professional killer.

The project used the book Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors as a starting point and matrix. As an experiment, the actor and I followed the manual to see where it would lead us, both in the context of the story as well as in the real social space of East Berlin after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

Variety wrote about the film: “Standing out among Teutonic contributions is mockumentary “Nasse Sachen” (Wet Clothes), about a mother educating herself on the Internet to be a professional killer.”

Language: German with English subtitles

Year: 2005

Format: DV video

Duration: 59:00 min